What happened to the Vernon Manor?

Fountain in the Hotel's heyday



Hotel room




Restaurant Meeting room

The Regency Room; I hope Children’s kept the acoustics for the echo in here.

The Boardroom

The Beatles stayed at the Vernon Manor. George Bush and Nancy Reagan stayed there. The movie “Rain Man” used it for shots inside and out.

The Vernon Manor Hotel

It seemed to be a thriving hotel although some people had mixed reviews of it. It was a community gathering place from 1924 to 2009. So what happened? No one seemed to know for months. It was very bad news for the Journal Club because it was our main meeting place for 8 years.

Children’s Hospital of course bought it and is renovating it for office space. I wish the hotel was still in business. I miss the place and the people who worked there that I got to know so well. Some pictures of the Vernon Manor are included on this page. If you have something that you would like to say about the demise of the Vernon Manor or stories that you would like to tell about it, please send the information to me and I will be glad to put it on the site.

2 Responses to What happened to the Vernon Manor?

  1. Geri Wilson Rouse says:

    My father, Charles Wilson, was Maitre’ D of the Vernon Manor Hotel for quite a few years. I enjoyed meeting Shirley Jester, who played the piano there, and going into his office and the beautiful dining rooms that were there. He met The Beatles during their stay in 1966 and brought me an autographed picture home. A smart alec neighbor boy named Jimmy tore the corner off it when I showed it to him. I know it would be worth some nice cash today if it weren’t for that kid tearing it. I loved the Vernon Manor and wish it would have stayed open as a hotel forever.

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