Journal Club—–April 29th, 2011

Group photo (Curtis Taylor, M.D. far left)

Joe Daugherty, M.D.
Charles O. Dillard, M.D.
Randall Cox, M.D.
Abraham Osinbowale, M.D., Farooq Mirza, M.D.
Jennifer Harris, M.D., Dr. C.O. Dillard

Our hosts Jennifer Wheeler and Tej Thakar

Spirit Homecare was our sponsor last night. Tej Thakar was the host. He is the community representative for this company. They provide nursing services and physical therapy in the home.

C. Budev, M.D.

Prudence Tante, M.D., Abraham Osinbowale, M.D.

Joe Hackworth, M.D.

The meeting was well attended and the focus was very straight forward. Why your patients might need home care: Wound care, Falling or loss of balance, medication management, after surgery, after discharge from the hospital, for pain not controlled by medication and for patients who need assistance walking or with bathing or dressing. Pictures of the event are included on this page and a list of attendees.

I included this photo of our waitress because she has family in the tornado ravaged city of Tuscaloosa, Alabama and she still managed to have a beautiful smile for this picture.

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