“Field of Dreams”, Journal Club May 17th, 2011

Charles O. Dillard, M.D.

Travis Howard, M.D., Rawn Bosley, M.D.
JessicaRoeske,Boehringer Ingelheim; Wasyl Terlecky, BI and Ginger Kubala, M.D.

Ngozi Nwankwo, M.D.

Tammi Howard, M.D.

Drs. Keevin and Denise Davis

Dr. Abraham Osinbowale

Dr. Joe Hackworth

Farooq Mirza, M.D.

Elbert Nelson, M.D.

Prudence Tante, M.D.

Hezekiah Shani, M.D., Emmett O'Neal, M.D.

Curtis Taylor, M.D.

Teresa Harper

Kathy Schwartz, RN

Jessica Roeske,Boehringer Ingelheim; Wasyl Terlecky, BI and Ginger Kubala, M.D., Joe Hackworth, M.D.

Joe Hackworth, M.D.

Ngozi Nwankwo, M.D., Abraham Osinbowale, M.D.

Curtis Taylor, M.D., Charles Dillard, M.D.

Clyde Henderson, M.D., Abraham Osinbowale, M.D., Charles Dillard, M.D. and Elbert Nelson, M.D.

Wagih Shehata, M.D.

Rawn Bosley, M.D., Travis Howard, M.D., Tammi Howard, M.D.

I watched the movie, “Field of Dreams” again tonight after Journal Club ended because Rawn Bosley is about to graduate from UC Medical School on Sunday. He attended tonight’s meeting, along with 17 others, to hear Dr. Joe Hackworth give an excellent talk on a new very important drug, Pradaxa. Rawn and Nathaly have attended many of our meetings and I have come to know them. I wanted to relive the dream associated with finally getting the long sought after M.D. behind my name. When “Archie Graham” (Doc) steps into reality to save the little girl from choking on a piece of the hot dog she was just eating, he makes the experience of becoming a doctor real for me again. I encourage Rawn and the rest of his classmates to watch this movie at some point to get a better understanding of the awesome responsibility that they are about to assume. God bless your class. Some pictures of tonight’s meeting are included below. The names will be included later. Thanks BI for sponsoring our meeting.

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