May 24,2011 JC, BPH treatment

Sherry Lewan, GSK, Emmett O'Neal, M.D., Speaker, Brooke Barnett, GSK

The meeting was at Oriental Wok restaurant. It was a family style menu with lots of variety. The speaker sat down at the table and we discussed BPH treatment for about an hour. This was Journal Club at its best, a great meal with friends that was also a great informal learning experience. The following physicians attended this meeting.

Dr. Keith Melvin, Dr. George Hale, Dr. Elbert Nelson, Dr. Farooq Mirza, Dr. C. Budev, Dr. Abraham Osinbowale, Dr. Esly Caldwell, Dr. Keevin Davis, Dr. Denise Davis, Dr. Curtis Taylor, The speaker was Dr. Emmett O’Neal. The meeting was sponsored by Glaxo Smith Kline.

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