Journal Club, March 3, 2011 at The Precinct

Curtis Taylor, M.D., second from the left

Dr.Davis and Dr.Davis


Salem Foad, M.D. and Wafaa Foad, M.D.


                                                          Wafaa Foad, M.D. and Nathaly, Francois


Dr. Emmett O’Neal on the left


                                                                      Dr. Charles O. Dillard on the right


Clyde Henderson, M.D. and Mikael Getachew, M.D.


                                            Katie Coslett,(Rep for Warner Chilcott our Sponsor) and Dr. C. Budev


Salem Foad, M.D., FACP, FACR was the Speaker on Altevia


                                                                           Keevin Davis, M.D. and Denise Davis, M.D. 


                                                            Nathaly Francois “Happy Birthday” and Rawn Bosley

Elbert Nelson, M.D.



The March 3, 2011 Journal Club took place at The Precinct Restaurant. Please check back later for a list of attendees and other information about the talk. I will include more information about the speaker in the calendar of events in the future. This site is evolving  so check back often. I will try to add new content and pictures every day. Thanks. Have a great weekend.


Curtis Taylor, M.D.





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