Fish Oil is good for you! JC May 12, 2011

Jennifer Harris, M.D.

Journal Club was sponsored by GSK. Dr. Paul Chandler was the speaker. Check back later for a list of attendees and captions for the pictures. References will also be included later.

Curtis Taylor, M.D.

Joe Daugherty, M.D., and Hezekiah Shani, M.D.

Mrs. Chandler

The Speaker, Paul Chandler, M.D.

C. Budev, M.D.

Abraham Osinbowale, M.D.

Hezekiah Shani, M.D.

Joe Hackworth, M.D.

Clyde Henderson, M.D.

C.Keith Melvin, M.D.

Farooq Mirza, M.D.

Duane Lai Fang, GSK

Does Lovaza (Fish oil) lower mortality risk? YES

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