Journal Club, April 14, 2011

Bystolic offers unique blood pressure lowering properties for hard to treat hypertensive patients. It reduces heart rate, blocks renin and vasodilates all in one drug. It has a low rate of adverse events comparable to placebo. It is an excellent add on drug with data to show it effectiveness. These and other points were made about this drug in an hour talk by Dr. Curtis Taylor at the Journal Club meeting on April 14, 2011 at Trios Restaurant. The attendance is respresented on this page with pictures of the event sponsored by Forest Pharmaceuticals.

The physician attendees were Dr. Curtis Taylor, who was the speaker; Dr. Joe Hackworth, Dr. Abraham Osinbowale, Dr. Mikael Getachew, Dr. Denise Davis, Dr. Keevin Davis, Dr. Joe Daugherty, Dr. Leon Reid, Dr. C. Budev, and Dr. Emmett O’Neal.

We would like to thank Forest Pharmaceuticals for their generous support.

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