JC, April 19th at Walnut Street Grill

Dr.M. Mikael Getachew was  the speaker at the April 19th, 2011 Journal Club at the Walnut Street Grill. He gave an excellent lecture on Vertebroplasty and Kyphoplasty for vertebral  compression fractures. He is the local expert on these procedures so please keep him in mind for referrals of patients who may have an osteoporotic or traumatic vertebral fracture. We hope that Care Fusion will sponsor Dr. Getachew again in the future.

Pictures of the meeting are included on this page and a list of attendees.

  • Dr. Jennifer Harris
  • Dr. Keevin Davis and Dr. Denise Davis
  • Ryan Hufford our sponsor from CareFusion and the Speaker, Dr. M. Mikael Getachew
  • Dr. Emmett O’Neal
  • Dr. Jamelle Bowers
  • Dr. C. Keith Melvin
  • Dr. Abraham Osinbowale
  • Dr. Clyde Henderson
  • Dr. Elbert Nelson
  • Rawn Bosley
  • Nathaly Francoise
  • Dr. Curtis Taylor
  • Dr. Joe Daugherty
  • Dr. Leroy Vickers

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