Journal Club on April 12, 2011



Dr. C.Budev, Dr. Howard Melvin, Dr. George Hale


Dr. C.Keith Melvin

Dr. George Hale and Dr. Curtis Taylor

Dr. Abraham Osinbowale, Dr. Wagih Shehata and Dr. Hezekiah Shani

Dr.Denise Davis and Dr. Keevin Davis

Rawn Bosley and Nathaly Francoise

Speaker, Cardiologist, Dr. Joe Hackworth

Journal Club on April 12th, 2011 was sponsored by Abbott Pharmaceuticals. The speaker was Cardiologist, Dr. Joe Hackworth on lipids. The lecture was not on any specific drug but did highlight the importance of non HDL cholesterol and cardiovascular risk. The lecture was well attended and precipitated a lively discussion. Pictures of the sponsoring drug representatives and physician  attendees are included on this page.

Nicole Ahr, Abbott Pharmaceuticals

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