April 5, 2011 Journal Club

Curtis Taylor, M.D.

Farooq Mirza, M.D.

Rawn Bosley and Elbert Nelson, M.D.

Clyde Henderson, M.D.

Nemat Moussavian, M.D.

C. Budev, M.D. and Esly Caldwell, M.D.

Our kind Sponsors, Madhu Vrishabhendra and Lillie Shockley

Keith Melvin, M.D., Keith Wilson, M.D., Joe Hackworth, M.D.

The Speaker, Naila Goldenberg, M.D.

After a one month hiatus Journal Club resumed its weekly meeting schedule. This is not a setback for the Journal Club. If pharmaceutical companies do not support the meeting as they have in previous years, we will find new sponsors. I believe the present situation is temporary for the drug companies. A rep admitted to me recently that many drug companies are afraid of investigations at the present time and are subsequently freezing the support of many programs.

The meeting last night was held at a new location, China Gourmet. The sponsor was Merck pharmaceuticals and the speaker was Naila Goldenberg, M.D., Assistant Professor of Medicine Div of Endocrinology, UC Physicians. She gave a basic lecture on lipid metabolism that was not product specific. A refreshing departure from usual pharma sponsored events. Thanks again Merck. Some pictures of the event and a list of attendees follows.

Emmett O’Neal, M.D., Wagih Shehata, M.D. and Abraham Osinbowale, M.D.

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