Dr. Osinbowale

Abraham Osinbowale, M.D.


Dr. Abraham Osinbowale is now President of  Africa Foundation USA. Please go to his website listed above to find out more and help support him.

He has been a close friend and has helped keep the Journal Club focused on its mission since it started 11 years ago. Thanks Abe for your help and continuing support of the Journal Club.

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Black and White Cancer Survivors Ball, 2012 (4th Annual)

survivorsB and W

Dr. Melvin (right) with wife Cassandra (left) , who is a two-time cancer survivor, son Shawn, and niece Erica White.

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Dr. Joe Hackworth

Joe Hackworth, M.D.

Dr. Hackworth has been a cardiologist in Cincinnati for more than 30 years. He gave an excellent talk on the new drug, Pradaxa, at Embers restaurant on May 17, 2011. Our sponsor was Boeringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals. The speaker stimulated a lively discussion on the topic during the meeting to an over flow crowd. Dr. Hackworth has been an enthusiastic supporter of the Journal Club from the beginning. He was there at our first meeting in November, 2001. Thank you  for your continuing support.

Curtis Taylor, M.D.

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